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HSBC bridging loan.

HSBC bridging loan

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There are a plethora of ways to actually get in touch to find out more about our private, independent lending service. You can call us by telephone, send us an email, enquire online or shout really loudly.

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When we arrive we will conduct a private, external survey of the building. After completion we need access to the inside so that we can proceed with the internal survey and general viewing.

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From the valuation and the information you give us about any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the property, we can ascertain just how much, or if we are able to lend to you.

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As long as all paperwork is present and correct, we can transfer funds to your personal, business or any nominated bank account instantly.  We can also work to a specific date if required.

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HSBC bridging loan calculator and rates.

HSBC bridging loans.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK:HSBC bridge loan

Contrary to what you may have seen other websites by searching in Google, the HSBC do not offer bridging loans. Well, they do, but only if you are based in Hong Kong. In the United Kingdom, throughout England, Scotland and Wales, they do not offer any form of short term finance or high value lower term loan. When you come across a broker or intermediary website via an Internet search relating to the HSBC, they are not an agent or reselling a HSBC product, they will move you onto a bridging loan from another source, i.e. a private bank or independent lender. We are a lender offering our own bridging loans. Give us a call to learn more about our range of products.

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HSBC personal loan.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK:HSBC personal loans.

The HSBC do offer private and personal loans that can be used for any purpose, but, they are not a bridge. Bridging finance is short term over has a value greater than £25,000.00 and can be cleared at anytime within 12 months of being set up with interest calculated on the full amount every only make the interest payments every month until you are able, or want to clear the full amount borrowed in one payment . A personal loan through the HSBC locks the borrower into a three or five year term with the interest front loaded. You then pay a set figure to clear over the full term. The maximum amount you can loan is 25K. Call us for a bridge loan quote.

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HSBC mortgages.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK:A HSBC mortgage.

The core lending arm of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation the the uk is made up mainly of mortgage products. Typically, you need to have a clean credit rating. Banks are under strict lending regulation and can no longer offer bad credit mortgages or 100% deals anymore. Too many people in the past got into financial difficulty with these very high interest deals. You will need in excess of a ten percent of the property price deposit to be even considered for a HSBC mortgage. Dependent on your age too will reflect what term the mortgage is over. If there are over 25 years until your retirement, you should qualify for a 25 year mortgage. For a quick bridge call us.

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HSBC remortgages.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK:HSBC remortgage packages.

Yu can also remortgage with the HSBC and don't need to be an existing mortgage holder with them. The benefit of remortgaging is that it lowers your monthly payment. The downside is that the term of lon extends. For example if you are currently paying £500.00 pound  month and have ten years left on your current mortgage, which could be with any bank, when you remortgage, you could get your premium down to £300.00 but have 16 years to pay it off. Either way, you are still going to pay roughly the same amount back just over different lengths of time. We do offer remortgages but many short term borrowing options at higher values. Call us by phone to discuss your needs.

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Does HSBC do bridging loans?

That is the fact of the matter. Since the credit crunch and recession, when many banks received huge bail outs from the Government to stop them going out of business and losing all their customers monies, stringent rules and regulations where put in place to stop it happening again. Guidelines so tough, it made short term second charge bridging finance an impossibility to organise.

The only ways to obtain a bridge in today's financial climate is to use a private bank. That is a bank that doesn't have current account or other high street related products, through a crowdfunding scheme, which is fundamental person to person lending or through a private lender like ourselves.

Call on our local rate 0845 475 1814 from a land line or call 0203 287 7169 from your mobile or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right hand side, or just below depending on whether you are browsing on a PC or mobile device. Alternatively, click the button for our full on enquiry form.

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So, why not save time and energy by looking at banks and building societies for bridging finance when they do not offer it, or by going through brokers and intermediaries that will add on their brokers or finders fees, which is some cases is well in excess of a thousand pounds and deal direct with a lender with over thirty years experience actually lending bridging loans to both home owners and business or corporate bodies.

That woud be us. We live and breathe unregulated bridging loans. It's our core product for three decades and hopefully will continue to be so for many years to come. Low rates of interest and clear the full amount when you are ready at any point within 12 months of taking out a loan with us. You can't do that with the HSBC bank in the UK.

Bad credit not a problem either. 1st and 2nd charge available and no upfront set up fees.

Call us immediately on 0845 475 1814 or you can click below  to apply online, or you are able to call us up from your mobile phone on the landline number 0203 287 7169  or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right or directly below  this block, still without being under any obligation to accept any offer presented to you.  Alternatively, apply online by clicking the button.

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Business and commercial.

Short term business and commercial bridging loans.

The HSBC offer a wide range of longer term commercial financial products like commercial mortgages, remortgages on buy to let properties, overdraft facilities and corporate credit cards. We can offer short term options for businesses in the UK in need of finance. We have a plethora of products available such as asset finance, guarantor loans and revolving credit facilities. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and goals.

Auction finance.

Fast cheap property auction finance loans.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation do not offer any form of short-term auction finance. They only set up longer term mortgages.We do. We are the Specialists in auction finance, we can help you get a quick bridging loan in place so you can bid on the property or land knowing funds are there. It's not just bridging loans we offer though. A revolving credit facility could be used to not just buy a house, but to renovate or refurbish it as you go.

Homeowner and residential.

Home owner short term secured financing.

The aforementioned bank will not, under any circumstance, be able to offer a short term option. Not even on a private or personal loan. They specifically deal in medium to long term lending at this moment in time. We only do cheap bridging loans that has a shelf life of year maximum. As we are the actual lenders, we can help home owners get funding even if they have been refused elsewhere.  Property secured only.