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Yorkshire bank bridging finance.

Yorkshire Bank bridging loan

Get in touch with us several ways.

There are several ways to actually get in touch to find out more about our private, independent lending service. You can call us by telephone, send us an email, enquire online or use FB  messenger.

We will value your home to determine loan.

The only upfront fee is for a private, independent, external survey of the building. After completion we need access to the inside so that we can proceed with the internal survey and general viewing.

Get an offer of finance almost immediately.

From the valuation and the information you give us about any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the property, we can ascertain just how much, or if we are able to lend to you.

Accept & we transfer funds instantly.

As long as all paperwork is present and correct, we can transfer funds to your personal, business or any nominated bank account instantly.  We can also work to a specific date if required.

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Yorkshire bank bridging loan rates calculator.

Secured short term loans.

Yorkshire bank short term loans.

The Yorkshire bank only offers longer term secured finance. Terms are usual three or five years with interest front loaded and with high cost early repayment or exit fees. Maximum loan is typically fifteen thousand pounds. They don't but we do offer short term bridging loans up to two and half million pounds with no early repayment fee. Give us a call today for more information.

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Business finance.

Yorkshire bank business finance.

The Yorkshire bank does offer commercial funding packages. These range from vehicle or fleet loans, through to financing to help fund an upstart business. However, security is needed and you are tied into a longer term agreement. We can offer something they can't as there is no such thing as a Yorkshire bank bridging loan. Give us a ring for more information.

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Long term mortgages.

The Yorkshire bank residential mortgages.

When it comes to applying for a mortgage, Ybonline has a clean and easy online way of getting your application in. However, there are a few stumbling blocks. You need quite a large deposit, you have to be able to prove you can afford the repayments, you are locked into a long term agreement and you need no bad credit in your credit report. Sometimes a bridging loan might be better.

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Remortgage funding.

Yorkshire bank remortgage packages.

Remortgaging is a good way to lower your monthly outgoings. The Yorkshire bank has some positive packages too with extremely competitive rates of interest. However, if you are trying to remortgage to stop repossession, they cannot help due to adverse credit scores. We can help with a bridging loan. Simply bridge the gap, clean your history, then remortgage. Call us for info.

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Do Yorkshire bank do bridging loans?

First and foremost, you cannot choose the Yorkshire bank for your bridging finance needs over us. It is not possible as they no longer offer a higher value, short term solution to bridge a gap in any circumstances. So if you are a victim of a break of a chain in a house sale, even if your current mortgage is with YBonline, they simply cannot offer you a funding option to bridge that gap.

So why choose us over other independent lenders? We offer a quick turnaround from you first contacting us to actual paying our your advance. They only thing that can possibly slow the procedure down is a cash flow problem your end, i.e. not being able to afford the valuation fee until the end of the month, or your solicitor dragging his feet over the paperwork.

Call on our local rate 0845 475 1814 from a land line or call 0203 287 7169 from your mobile or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right hand side, or just below depending on whether you are browsing on a PC or mobile device. Alternatively, cllick the button for our full on enquiry form.

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If you pay the vaulation fee instantly, we can get a local to you, not us, surveyor out to value the property you are using as security, so we can mae you an offer of funding based on the LTV and equity.

If you legal representative is slow, we have access to solicitors that specialise in the paperwork for specifically bridging finance terms and conditions. Using these representatives means a speedy turnaround on the paperwork. All that is needed then is signatures and we are in a position to disperse funding as and when you need it.

We offer a totall transparent procedure and have some of the most cost effective interest rates in the private lenders sector. Cheap bridging loans with no upfront set up fees or lock-in costs.

Call our lenders department directly on 0845 475 1814 or you can click below to apply online, or you are able to call us up from your mobile phone on the landline number 0203 287 7169  or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right or directly below this block, still without being under any obligation to accept any offer presented to you.  Alternatively, apply online by clicking the button.

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Stop repossession.

Whilst YBOnline do not offer bridging finance, we can certainly help. If you need a quick fix to halt a repossession order a bridge from us can do the trick. Simply use the bridge to pay off your mortgage and arrears and then either sell your home or try to see if you can remortgage and repay the short term secured funding with no early repayment penalties. This can also repair your current credit rating and score.

Stop repossession

2nd charge.

The Yorkshire does offer second charge loans. However, these are no where the value required for a bridging loan. The highest value you can borrow is usually around twenty thousand pounds. The payment plans are ont flexible either.  There are two main repayments, 3 or 5 year. If you require to clear the funding early, you will be charged an early repayment fee. We offer short term (up to 12 months) high value bridging (over 25K).

2nd charge loan

Revolving credit.

A revolving credit facility is a source of funding that is not that well known in the United Kingdom. The Yorkshire bank doesn't offer this type of finance. The nearest thing would be a credit card, but they come with limits and high charges. Revolving credit is a set amount of money in an account. You are only paid a nominal interest fee on what you use, not the full amount set up in the account. It's ideal funding for property developers.

Revolving credit facility