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High Street bridging loans

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London bridging loan.

When it is safe to do so, you can organise an appointment at our London office which is located at our newly refurbished offices at Kingsbury House, 468 Church Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 8AU.

Get in touch with us several ways.

There are a plethora of ways to actually get in touch to find out more about our private, independent lending service. You can call us by telephone, send us an email, enquire online or shout really loudly.

Bridging loans London

We will value your home to determine loan.

When we arrive we will conduct a private, external survey of the building. After completion we need access to the inside so that we can proceed with the internal survey and general viewing.

Get an offer of finance almost immediately.

From the valuation and the information you give us about any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the property, we can ascertain just how much, or if we are able to lend to you.

Accept & we transfer funds instantly.

As long as all paperwork is present and correct, we can transfer funds to your personal, business or any nominated bank account instantly.  We can also work to a specific date if required.

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Bridging loans London.

Homeowner bridging.

Residential bridging loans London

As a forward thinking lender, we work with all type of property owners in Greater london to set up funding packages that are affordable and flexible. Whether you require a 1st charge, 2nd charge, or if your other creditors are happy, 3rd charge bridging loans. There no upfront set up fees, administration charges or lock in fees. you are not tied into using us for your borrowing if you decide not to. The only upfront cost to you is for the valuation of the house or home you are going to use as security. Get an offer in principle based on the information you give us. Give us a call today.

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Auction finance.

Please be aware before applying for an auction finance package that if you are going to use the property you buy through the auctioneers, the valuation is the price you have actually paid for it, not what it is valued at on the market after the sale. We can set up funding based on security of another building or land also so you know exactly how much you have to play with when you are bidding. Always be mindful of saving some funds for any future emergency such as if the property has structural damage once you have the keys. We even offer funding to those with a bad credit history or no proof of income. Call us today.

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Leasehold loans.

A brand new concept in borrowing for business owners in London only. We can now offer bridging finance secured against any long term lease. We simply work out the value of the lease and base the lending on that, so if you are a bar or cafe owner looking to open a new premise, borrowing against the leasehold on your existing is now a real thing. We can even lend to those with an adverse or bad credit history. So if you thought expanding your business empire was not possible think again. You can even use your London leasehold loan for upgrades to your current base of operations. Call today under no obligation.

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Business finance.

Commercial bridging finance London

London, if you are a business owner and should understand, can be a hotbed of activity. However, due to recent financial problems throughout the world, many commercial venture owners have had credit problems. If you apply for a short term, secured business loan through us, we can offer you a lending facility based solely on the equity in the property or land you are using as securing, not on your credit score, which, as long as your LTV (Loan to Value) is accepted, you are virtually guaranteed a bridging loan through us. We also offer other forms of funding for longer terms. Feel free to call us up today.

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London bridging finance.

Financing throughout London, for both residential or homeowner use or business and commercial borrowers. We have attractive and cost effective rates of interest for those with a good credit rating or score and can offer funding to those with a poor, adverse or bad credit history based purely on the equity being used as security. We even offer funding for those that have a CCJ or multiple CCJ's, registered IVA, bankrupts and those trying to stave of bankruptcy or even a property repossession. Check below if we are lending cost effective affordable bridging loans in your area or location in the Greater London region and city. We also offer our own style or branding of our short term bridging finance nationwide as well as in the capital.

City of London - City of Westminster - Kensington - Chelsea - Hammersmith - Fulham - Wandsworth - Lambeth - Southwark - Tower Hamlets - Hackney - Islington - Camden - Brent - Ealing - Hounslow - Richmond upon Thames - Kingston upon Thames - Merton - Sutton - Croydon - Bromley - Lewisham - Greenwich - Bexley - Havering - Barking and Dagenham - Redbridge - Newham - Waltham Forest - Haringey - Enfield - Barnet - Harrow - Hillingdon - Rainham

Call on our local rate 0845 475 1814 from a land line or call 0203 287 7169 from your mobile or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right hand side, or just below depending on whether you are browsing on a PC or mobile device. Alternatively, click the button for our full on enquiry form.

 Bridging finance quote 

From you first contacting us, we pride ourselves on a professional and courteous service, combined with speed of decision. We have the fastest bridging loans in London. In fact, for an even quicker result, you can even use a solicitor from our panel. It is all designed to try and you the quickest funding available in the capital. Our group of lenders has over thirty years experience in the short term finance market. Knowledge that is put to use to give a rapid decision and an almost instant payout once the paperwork has been completed.

Even if you have been refused elsewhere, one or many times, don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. We can offer 1st or 2nd charge and in extreme cases, (subject to the other loans you have outstanding) 3rd charge bridging loans, guarantor loans, reolving credit facilities and leasehold loans through London itself.

Even if you are a non UK resident, but are moving to the country and are looking to establish a credit history quickly, we are able to fund you an unregulated bridging finance package as long as you have a UK property to use as security.

Call us on 0845 475 1814 or you can click below to apply online, or you are able to call us up from your mobile phone on the landline number 0203 287 7169  or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right or directly below this block, still without being under any obligation to accept any offer presented to you.  Alternatively, apply online by clicking the button.

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Business and commercial.

Short term business and commercial bridging loans.

We can offer short, medium and long term options for businesses in the London area in need of finance. We have a plethora of products available including specialist business bridging loan and for a no obligation consultation, give us a call or use the quick contact form on this page or the online enquiry form page on this website to see if we are able to offer you a flexible, low rate, cheap and affordable bridging loan.

Auction finance.

Fast cheap property auction finance loans.

Specialists in auction finance, we can help you get a quick bridging loan in place so you can bid on the property or land knowing funds are there. We can even give you a list of good acution houses that specialise in property or land within the M25 motorway so you can find the ideal home, building or land to bid on. Either as a homeowner or business or property investor or developer.

Auction finance

Homeowner and residential.

Home owner short term secured financing.

As we are the actual lenders, we can help home owners get funding even if they have been refused elsewhere.  Property or land secured only. Due to sanctions put in place by the UK Government after the bank bail period, if you want to carry on living in the home you are using as security, we are only able to offer regulated finance. For unregulated, you can live in the house.

2nd charge bridging loans