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Bridging loan rates.

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There are a plethora of ways to actually get in touch to find out more about our private, independent lending service. You can call us by telephone, send us an email, enquire online or shout really loudly.

We will value your home to determine loan.

When we arrive we will conduct a private, external survey of the building. After completion we need access to the inside so that we can proceed with the internal survey and general viewing.

Bridging loan rates

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From the valuation and the information you give us about any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the property, we can ascertain just how much, or if we are able to lend to you.

Accept & we transfer funds instantly.

As long as all paperwork is present and correct, we can transfer funds to your personal, business or any nominated bank account instantly.  We can also work to a specific date if required.

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What is the interest rate on bridging loans?

Up to 40% LTV.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK: Cheap interest rates.

There are a number of factors that goo intoo working what the rate of interest on a bridging loan will be. First and foremost is the LTV, or loan to value. If you have paid off 60% off the mortgage and/or secured loans of the property or land, or own it outright, you automatically qualify for our lowest rate of 0.38 percent per month. However, we also have to take into consideration exactly how much you would like to borrow and also your very recent credit rating. Get us on the phone for more information.

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Up to 50% LTV.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK: Low cost rate of interest.

If you have paid half of your mortgage of and have no other loans secured against the property, or if the total amount combined in your mortgage or remortgage and any other finance secured against the house is between forty and fifty percent, then you qualify for our second lowest rate of interest which, at it's base rate is 0.48% per month. However, as with our lowest rate borrowers, we have to factor in the amount you want to borrow and credit rating. Give us a call for more information.

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Up to 65% LTV.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK: Afford monthly rates of interest.

The maximum LTV, which stands for loan to value we can lend on is sixty five percent. So, to put it in basic terms, the lowest amount of mortgage, or a combined total of secured loans and mortgage on a house that is used is forty five percent of the house or property completely paid off. If you are within this band from fifty one to sixty five percent, then we can still lend at 0.75%, but yest again recent repayment history and how much you want to lend is also factored in. Give us a call for more information.

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Other finance.

Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK: Other rates of interest.

As an independent, private groups of lenders, we do not just lend bridging loans. We have lenders that offer such things as asset finance, whereby we secure against anything of high value, for instance machinery or top marque cars. We also offer guarantor lending, which no security execpt a Company Director to guarantee the loan will be repaid should the borrower default. Revolving credit facilities are also available through our group. Give us a call for more information.

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What is the interest on a bridge loan in the UK?

Different lenders offer different rates through the country. Typically, depending on the loan value, you should be looking below two percent on a bridge. We are ableto offer unregulated bridging loans to all, subject to status and equity, can offer rates as low as 0.5% across our financing. This is also dependent on the amount request to loan.

APR is also not a factor as you are able to pay off the full amount borrowed at any point with no early repayment penalty. Simply pay the monthly interest fee and when you are ready to cler the full amount contact us and we instruct on how to clear the full amount. We offer cheap bridging loans to homeowners and flexible business bridging loans to commercial applicants.

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 Bridging loan quote 

So as a couple of examples, if you were to borrow £50,000 at a rate of one percent, your interest charge would be £500 per month. Clear the full amount in the third month and it has only cost you £1500 to borrow the fifty thousand pounds. That would also be possible on a bad credit bridging loan direct through our lending panel.

If you were after a larger, say £1,000,000 at a rate of 0.5%, you monthly interest payment would be £5000. Clear that in three months and it has only cost you fifteen thousand pounds to borrow a million pounds.

Please be advised that we actively encourage our borrowers to pay the full off as quickly as possible.

Call us on 0845 475 1814 or you can click below  to apply online, or you are able to call us up from your mobile phone on the landline number 0203 287 7169  or request a call back by using the quick contact form on the right or directly below  this block, still without being under any obligation to accept any offer presented to you.  Alternatively, apply online by clicking the button.

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