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There are a plethora of ways to actually get in touch to find out more about our private, independent lending service. You can call us by telephone, send us an email, enquire online or shout really loudly.

Property is required as security.

We will value your home to determine loan.

When we arrive we will conduct a private, external survey of the building. After completion we need access to the inside so that we can proceed with the internal survey and general viewing.

Cheap interest and flexiible repayment plans.

Get an offer of finance almost immediately.

From the valuation and the information you give us about any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the property, we can ascertain just how much, or if we are able to lend to you.

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As long as all paperwork is present and correct, we can transfer funds to your personal, business or any nominated bank account instantly.  We can also work to a specific date if required.

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The home page is basically our 'welcome to our website' page where you can read a brief overview of the things that we offer through our online presence. Each small section in this entry portal will give you a little snippet of information about what the different sections on our Internet pages are about. Find all the information about bridging loans from this main index, and our current business website address

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Our commercial page is information on the financial products we offer to businesses to help with the their short term finance needs. There are few different products available for commercial entities and we have given a brief overview on these different forms of borrowing for industry, service sector, agriculture and property investment to name but a few different types of client who got financed through our lending services recently.




The residential page is where home owners can learn more about the products we have available for those that are looking for a short term option to help with the things that UK property owners may need to borrow for such as a break in the house sale chain, to stop a repossession, for home improvement or any other reason. 1st and 2nd charge available within the United Kingdom with very cheap rates of interest even with very bad credit.




Our online enquiry form for bridging finance, or indeed, any other form of lending, isn't the full application form. It is basically a revised version so you can send us the important bits so we can prepare a quote of borrowing. If you accept this initial outline, we cn then get a valuation done on the property you are using as security. If the valuation is ample enough to go through with the initial deal, we will sort the legalities for you to get signed and release funds to your bank account.

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IVA or bankruptcy.

Having to declare yourself bankrupt or entering into an IVA is a tough time. There are exit strategies through using bridging loans from our pool of lenders. Find out more by clicking below.

Loans IVA

Auction finance.

Bridging loans can be used to purchase land or properties from any of the property auctions throughout the United Kingdom. Click below to find out more on this type of financing.

Auction finance

County court judgements.

County Court Judgements appear on your credit score. They do affect your ability to get a loan from the normal channels. However, we base our secured funding on equity not your credit rating.

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